About us


Since 1992 WSS has developed, produced and installed high-grade recording devices for waste collecting system based on the Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) readers in the Netherlands. WSS is now one of the market leaders in this rapidly expanding field. WSS has developed and Implemented systems that are now successfully operational in more than 60 municipalities within the Benelux. The extensive knowledge and experience we have in this domain, combined with our constant drive to expand our expertise and innovate our products, makes that WSS is in control of every aspect of modern waste-technology.   Working with WSS means working with the very source of registration technology for container systems, waste sorting bins and vehicles.

WSS has developed and tailor made many RFID system, The Barrow Access System, RSVehicle, RSOffice and RSService for clients like local authorities, service providers in the field, property management organization.

Each of these components has its own specific merits and advantages. The entire management of both domestic and industrial waste disposal processes comes within easy reach of every organization and / or authority that is engaged in this area.

Making use of one automated registration and administration, the WSS systems will provide easy access to and a clear view on both costs and profits of all waste streams combined in one software.

All Services will be linked through wireless high-speed connections. Parking and waste management will be part of the Smart City concept making data more transparent and accessible for citizens.

WSS is spreading its wings to countries outside the Netherlands promoting the Smart City concept and waste separation at the source.